Our home: Building the Foundation!


They say, you better build a home (and life) on a good foundation. This is a big deal - a REALLY big deal! Most people don’t get as excited as I do when the foundation gets rolling but it just makes me so happy – it's the beginning. Waiting on a permit from the city can be an agonizing process (I bet some of you know this drill) so when your plans are approved and work can begin it is BIG! The demo, site work and the foundation are the start of the structure and more importantly, I am reminded that the waiting is over and construction is starting.

When I head to my job sites each day, I get excited about any change that has moved us along. Some days it is just small changes (sometimes very small) and some days there are big changes. One day after a tennis match (I promise these guys take me serious even in my tennis gear!) I checked in at the site and they were just finishing up on offloading all the dirt from the site. That is a lot of dump trucks of dirt we loaded out! Now forming up the foundation could begin. Judging from the pic you can see what makes me happy! These guys enjoy a little craziness on the job!

Step one done - check!