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Happy Valentine’s Day!

I wanted to share this post for months, but it seemed like there was always something else that came up, so I kept putting it aside. Until now – Valentine’s Day! Let me be clear. I am not a big Valentine’s Day gal but, I am ALL for celebrating love. My sweetheart David and I met through friends and connected instantly. And after several years of dating, we decided to make it official!

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My Holiday Visit to Waco: Tips on How to Shop the Magnolia Market and More

On a recent trip to Dallas, I decided to take a road trip to Waco, 1.5 hours of big open freeways and fast Texan drivers! Looking for a fun "Magnolia Home" experience, I arrived in Waco a bit late on a Monday as this was not a breakneck, “see everything” event. But, lucky me, I ended up nailing it on timing anyway and breezed my way through the day without major crowds or challenges.

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Mar Adentro Cabos

Who’s ready for a good trip in 2018? Well, I have a great recommendation – so excited to share this very cool hotel with you. David made the arrangements for our getaway knowing how much I love white and he loves cool architecture. Fresh, hip and, yes, VERY white with amazing architectural details. If you’re up for a trip to Mexico, let’s go! 

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