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Back to Blogging Draft: Modern Tudor – Part 2 Draft

It has been months since I have posted and I am so bummed to have been away for so long. But, just like so many others, we only tend to post when we aren't working, taking care of our families, homes, or ourselves! Many of you know that in addition to flipping and building houses, I run a staging company with my sister.  So this year has been about not only taking care of my building company but, the staging company, the first year of marriage, our kids, a new home, and, sadly, the recent loss of our oldest brother.

Upon reflection, I am just happy to be here in one piece to tell the story of rehabbing houses and the life that this creative job has given me. So, enough about why things have been quiet and onto what is coming your way.

We are in the home stretch of our largest rehab project to date! Which means all the good stuff is happening now. What better time to get you up to date and back on board? Join me as we head to the finish line of our latest project, the “Modern Tudor."

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