Home Offices

I love the feminine touches of pink that  Interior Love Affair  used for their home office.

I love the feminine touches of pink that Interior Love Affair used for their home office.

I spent last weekend designing our new home's work spaces. Definitely a labor of love, they are going to be amazing! I started with David's office first. He is literally one of the hardest working people I have ever met so I really wanted his home office/den to be super special and very cool! His workspace will have dark cabinets and walls, furniture and flooring in warm wood tones and big windows. I even added a TV mounted on the wall because he loves to watch soccer while he works. Now that his space is planned, I worry we will never get him out of there! Stay tuned to see how it comes together.

For myself,  I function best when everything has its place and the room makes me feel happy and productive. Here are some pics that helped me design my space.


Lastly, I had to plan the family work nook. When planning family workspaces I like to keep a few things top of mind – clean, organized, productive and inspiring. I’m so excited to share our finished product with you!

I hope you get inspired to get your home work space organized as we head into the holiday season.  Don’t wait for the new year! Give yourself the gift of a place to do holiday cards, wrap gifts or work from home in an organized and inspired spot!