So You Wanna Flip a House


If you want to flip a house then definitely stay tuned as I share lots of ideas about the process. I can offer some great insight on all aspects of home flipping – the true story! I absolutely love designing the interiors of the homes so you will see a lot of fun pics and stories on that but I will also share my expertise on leading all aspects of the construction of these homes. If you have always wanted to do this then count me in as your biggest cheerleader shouting out “follow your interest and dream to make money flipping houses?” This is fun stuff!

I will be sharing lots of stories and pics but if you have a burning question – ask it. I love your questions! My knowledge comes from doing the work! I have flipped ALOT of houses and learned from each one of them. I can’t wait to share many of my tips and tricks in hopes you can cut out some of the pitfalls.

The beginning is about getting inspired to do it! “I have no capital”, “I work full time”, “and I don’t know any contractors.” Oh yes – I have heard it all! So, throw the excuses out the window and replace those phrases with positive self-talk that you CAN do this – because you can! When I started, I had two little kids, a hotel sales job, and no contacts in the building world. But I still went for it! So, get your game on and move forward slowly if that works better for you. But just move toward your goal.

I urge you to begin by getting up to date on your neighborhood real estate market. I suggest finding a real estate agent that will hustle to find you a lower ended property that needs fixing. (P.S. they typically get a commission on the buy and sale so they have big incentive!) Think out of the box! Can you buy a house that you can live in that is initially needing some serious fixing? Can you reach out to an elderly family member or friend that you can partner with on updating their home prior to selling? They may be ready to move on yet their home needs updating and remodeling. Take on the project and split the proceeds. Be creative! Get the word out! You are looking for opportunities. I have done projects a lot of different ways which
has made it even more interesting and exciting.

Get your mind going! Game on!

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