Tennis Anyone?


Not sure if anyone else can relate but, I am a fanatic for tennis! I would play every day if my schedule allowed. I would hire a private coach, go to all the best tennis camps and hit every major tournament from the US Open to the Australian Open. Ha! It sounds fanatical but I am totally serious! And don’t even get me started on all the fabulous tennis gear!

But the real story is that I just play every chance I get (which is only about once or twice a week) and I love it! I feel lucky to have been to the US Open, BNP Paribas several times, and Wimbledon (if you count being facetimed at a match on center court by your son during his London internship - serious!)

Living in Seattle makes it easy to get to the BNP Paribas in Palm Springs. It is fast becoming a favorite of the major tourneys. The weather is typically fabulous and the beautiful facilities are continuing to grow. Typically, all the major players are there up close and personal. It is always a fun experience!

Tennis Interview.JPG

During our last trip to BNP, David and I were playing on the courts in the resort community where we were staying when Scott, the tennis pro, asked us to demo a new Head racquet. Little did we know that we would be doing this while playing with a Wimbledon champ and one of Novak Djokovic’s coaches - are you kidding me?! Well, your adrenalin kicks in and you just play out of your mind so you don’t look ridiculous - seriously! Then we were off to shoot a video with our feedback for their website. It was such a fun and unexpected experience! 

tennis love.JPG

Here are some tips the team from Head racquet gave us:

1.    Keep your eye on the ball
2.    Move your feet
3.    Racquet back – ready for your next shot
4.    Exaggerate your swing follow through
5.    Get a serve – never lose a point on a double fault

Practice makes perfect!

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