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Villa Project: Master Bath

With each renovation project, I have several fun transformations in mind that hopefully will manifest the way I have them designed in my head. Because we have no blueprint for many of our renovation plans, we aren’t always sure about the outcome. So, I need my guys to keep the faith that my vision is going to work out and more importantly – be beautiful!

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Our New Home: Master Bedroom

When David and I began the journey of building our new home, I was very clear about our path. I have done this a time or two! (Ha, ha!) I knew all too well the twists and turns that would be ahead of us as we knocked down one dilapidated house and built a beautiful new home in its place. What I didn’t bargain for was how much I would love living in this home and that, hands down, one of my favorite rooms in the house was going to be the Master Bedroom. 

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